Rock Dust for Natural Garden Pest Control

Rock dust has a number of uses in the garden. Not only can it be used to enrich your soil through remineralization, it can be very effective at controlling certain pests. For example, snails are repelled by its high silica content.

It is possible to make your own rock dust, but easier to purchase it. Before you buy, find out what minerals it contains and if there are chemicals added. Rock dust that is simply left over from manufacturing other products might not have the necessary minerals for trees and plants. Instead, buy rock dust from companies that make it specifically for garden use.

How to Use Rock Dust in Your Garden:

In the garden, spread a light layer around vegetable plants, allow it to sit overnight, then spray it down with filtered water. You can also try mixing rock dust into a liquid form, then adding seaweed. Spray the mixture onto plant leaves. This revitalizes the plants and helps them in repelling pests. To further protect against pests, you can also spread a light layer of rock dust around your garden. Wait for 24 hours, then water it well.

Some Other Benefits of Rock Dust:

-Because of the high mineral content, rock dust is helpful to plants in all aspects of their biological processes.
-Because plants are healthier, insects and other pests are less likely to bother them.
-Rock dust acts as a natural fertilizer.
-Rock dust is non-polluting and biodegradable.
-Compared to other mineral products, rock dust is fairly inexpensive.

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