How To Maintain Your Lawn Properly

How To Maintain Your Lawn Properly

A beautiful and well-kept lawn belongs in every garden, on this subject, garden lovers agree. If you look at your own lawn in the garden area, then it often does not look like it was seen in garden newspapers. Weeds and a number of other flowers sometimes destroy the image of the healthy lawn. Every now and then a mole sticks its nose through

For a garden lover, such turf damage is difficult to see. We going to give you some advice on how to maintain the green areas at the beginning of the gardening year so that your lawn will bloom all summer in a beautiful green.

The lawn care in the spring months

Lawn care should start as early as the spring months when the sun reaches out. If you want a healthy lawn, especially mowing and lawn fertilizers are very important. So that you also have a well-tended lawn, we want to give you some tips here.

Before you can start mowing and manuring, you should clear the grass. This means foliage from the fall and small branches that are located there to remove. Did you spot wet spots on the lawn that were created by the fall foliage? Then you should postpone the mowing, these places need to dry in advance.

Moles are going on

If you are about to clear the lawn of remnants, then the mounds are also included. Here they are best done as follows. The mounds of the moles are removed and then fixed. This prevents the re-emergence of the mounds.

The lawn mower can be awakened from hibernation

Once the cleanup is done, it’s time for the lawnmower. The right time to use the mower is between March and April. If the winter temperatures were not very bad, the lawn had good waxing possibilities, then you can already start earlier with the first cut.

When mowing the lawn, keep in mind that the very first annual cut is not too short. The lawn should not be shorter than 4 centimeters

To fight the moss and weeds

Unfortunately, moss and weeds are often things that a horticulturist can not avoid. Weeds and other growths can get through even the healthiest of lawns. By wet come moss plants and additionally weeds, which you should eliminate in the warm spring months.

It is important that such areas are treated regularly, do not neglect the care, it may happen that the lawn is displaced. Talking about moss and weeds can work wonders. The lawn fan combats moss and also weeds with its hooks and leaves a renovated green area.

Recovery afterwards

After airing, it is time for the lawn to recover. So give your lawn some time. Subsequently, a cure can be started with the right fertiliser. It is important to sprinkle the entire lawn section perfectly with the right fertiliser . Through the lawn fertiliser important minerals come into the lawn and to strengthen the roots of the lawn.

Afterwards, the lawn can be used and processed as desired.

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