How To Clean Oils And Lotions From The Swimming Pool

How To Clean Oils And Lotions From The Swimming Pool

A swimming pool can provide a lot of entertainment for the summer. Keeping a pool clean is not as easy as it seems. While a person can use a filter and a skimmer to remove debris from the water there are things that are harder to clean. Sun tan lotion and tanning oil can get into the water and leave a film on it. There are ways that a person can remove these lotions and oils from the water of their swimming pool.


Before going swimming a person should wash their body down to remove any lotions that are on the skin. Public pools have showers need the pool and often require people to wash off before entering the pool. At home a person can rinse their body off with a hose to remove any oils or lotions that are on the skin.

Prepare the Pool

In anticipation for swimmers coming in the pool with sun tan lotion there are some things that can be done to prepare the pool and make it easier to clean. Enzymes should be added to the water on a regular basis. These enzymes will be able to break down the oils and the lotions that enter the water. They will then be able to go through the filter of the pool and be removed. If it is going to be a hot day and there is anticipation that the pool is going to be used enzyme should be added at the beginning of the day. This will help prevent the oils from building up.

Clean Often

Filter the water in the pool is very important. The filter should have the proper flow rate for the pool and should be used on a daily basis. The turnover rate may need to be adjusted as well. The backwashing pressure of the pool should be adjusted and backwashing should be done several times a week. By having the proper filtration system a person will notice that their water will be cleaner.

Addition to Filters

There are some additions that can be added to the filter to make their cleaning power even stronger. Filter cartridges should be changed when they are starting to look dingy and dirty. There are even cartridges that contain enzymes to help break down the oils and the lotions. The enzyme clean can also be added to the filters to make it easier to break down materials in the water.

Add a Float

There a special cleaning floats that can be added to the pool to help remove the suntan oils and lotions from the water. These floats are known as scumballs. They will float around the pool and remove any lotions or oils. Once the pool is looking clean again the scumball should be removed.

These are some ways that a person can prevent oils and suntan lotions from building up in the pool. No one wants to swim in water that has a slimy film from the lotions on it. Keeping the pool clean is very important and these tips will help keep the water clean as well.

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